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A look at the ages of Premier League squads

I got pointed in the direction of this piece of research by Sporting Intelligence that looked at a breakdown of the ages of the players used by Premier League sides so far during the 2010/11 season.

The full article of course looks at the Premier League as a whole, but as well as linking to the piece I thought it worth highlighting City's details and how these rank in comparison to the rest of the league:

  • Total players used - 14. (ranked joint 6th lowest)
  • Players under 25 - 7. (ranked 2nd most)
  • Players between 25-29 - 7. (ranked joint 7th most)
  • Players over 30 - 0 (0%). (ranked joint 1st lowest)

The most telling stat is obviously the fact there have been no players aged over 30 used so far this season, and a look at who is in reserve and yet to play suggests apart from Shay Given there may not be either.

Equally impressive though is ranking second in the number of players used under the age of 25. Arsenal top the list, but looking at City's players, in contrast to Arsenal's the majority of these are English; Joe Hart, Micah Richards, Adam Johnson and James Milner.

It's the first time I've come across this site before but I thought it was an interesting look at the make up of the various squads.