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Mancini sticks with Hart

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Although not much of a surprise, Roberto Mancini has confirmed that there will be no rotation in goal for Thursday's trip to Salzburg:

"It is a difficult decision for me because Shay is a strong goalkeeper like Joe, but at this moment this is my choice.

"We are involved in four competitions and I’m sure Shay will play in Europe at some point but I will continue to play Joe on Thursday."

When it was announced that Shay Given would remain with the club after Joe Hart won the starting job, there was an assumption that these were the type of games that the Irishman may see action in.

However, it is far too tricky a trip to heavily rotate - particularly at this stage of the competition with the opportunity the competition presents - so to see Hart rested at this stage would have been a big surprise, even allowing for his error on Saturday and recent workload that included back to back international games.

I have no doubt though that Given will be lining up in goal at The Hawthorns next week however.