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Thursday Links: FC Timisoara @ Manchester City Match Day

Alex Livesey - Getty Images
Alex Livesey - Getty Images
  • Preview of tonight's Europa League qualifier. Look for Bitter and Blue's later this morning. [Soccernet]
  • James Milner, praising a midfielder from...Manchester United. [Metro]
  • Milner is happy playing wherever the club wants him. There's no doubt that his versatility will prove vital to staying in the squad. [Manchester Evening News]
  • Under manager Roberto Mancini, Jo has found a new lease on life. [Guardian]
  • Why City will not win the Premier League this year. [Sport]
  • AC Milan are the favorites for the services of FC Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but Manchester City is one of three clubs that he would consider a move to. [Metro]
  • Sheikh Mansour has invested, well, a large sum of money in City. Those are some staggering numbers. [Guardian]
  • Fantastic ranking of all 20 EPL kits. The best looking kit? Click through to find out. [a capital wasteland]