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Match Preview: FC Timisoara @ Manchester City, Second Leg

Phil Cole - Getty Images
Phil Cole - Getty Images

Manchester City wrap up their Europa League qualifier tonight at Eastlands against Romanian side FC Timisoara. City are in a position to make changes to the side, having secured an away goal lead through Mario Balotelli's late marker in Romania.

This evening, then, the task is fairly simple: keep a clean sheet. While scoring a goal would be nice, City will advance to the group stages with a 0-0 result, or even a 1-1 result. Otherwise, its important that they play cohesively and limit mistakes.

Here's a wild guess as to some changes that Mancini might implement playing at home with an away goal lead:

Lescott - Kompany - Toure - Zabaleta
Vieira - Barry
Silva - Y.Toure - Wright-Phillips

City's class was on full display Saturday at Eastlands against Liverpool, a squad who is miles better than FC Timisoara. I don't think that will change tonight. Even with the differences in Mancini's XI, expect something like a 2-0 win.