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Pjanic suggests Dzeko interest?

With the trail going cold over the past week or so, there were some interesting comments from Edin Dzeko's international teammate Miralem Pjanic, who suggested that Dzeko's desire was very much for a move to Manchester:

"Edin has a very strong will to come to England, he is a top class player who should play in England," Pjanic told Soccernet through an interpreter. "He is one of the best attackers. He has got a brilliant future and I think he will come to England.

"Manchester City are starting to build a very good team and he is interested in the challenge. At the end of the day it is going to happen. Edin does really want to go to Manchester City and Manchester is a great team."

This is an important statement as for the first time we have heard that Dzeko has a preference for City as opposed to Serie A, where he has been courted previously by both Juve and Milan.

It is clear that Dzeko wants out of Wolfsburg, but as of yet they appear in no hurry to sell, perhaps hoping that the closer to the season we get, the more likely a club is likely to pull the trigger on a move at a higher fee.

There is some suggestion that the club is beginning to play hardball with sides trying to inflate transfer fees, and despite continued interest in Mario Balotelli (a deal I believe will be concluded over the next week), Dzeko would be an excellent addition - and more importantly, be a move that really does address a need area that was exposed on the recent US tour.