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Robinho/Ibrahimovic swap?

So says todays MEN, who suggests City's 'top brass' are set to 'take advantage of the Spanish club's current financial plight'.

It was something that I put up on twitter yesterday evening (after a tip from my brother who lives out in Barcelona) as it was heavily reported yesterday that City were prepared to offer Robinho plus £20million to land Ibrahimovic. It was suggested in Spain that Barca would be happy to keep Ibrahimovic, but that the financial situation at the club (which saw the sale of Dmitroy Chygrynski back to Shaktar) could see them open to a deal.

Whilst most would be glad to see the back of Robinho (despite a good showing in the World Cup), this I'm sure would be tempered by the arrival of Ibrahimovic.

His first season at Barca did nothing to dispel the belief of him as lazy, self-centred and overpaid - and to many it would be a case of swapping like for like (with an added £20million heading out of the club of course).

I should declare that I have always been a bit of a fan though. Watching a lot of Serie A football I have probably seen more of him than most, and whilst it is easy to see why he is often dismissed he is a big talent, and has a good goalscoring record.

Having laid out such a big fee for him, I don't think he was utilised too well by Barca during 2009/10 in that there wasn't too much of a departure in their style of play which bypassed Ibrahimovic at times. The recent signing of David Villa looks to be a better fit for them.

Whilst I think he can be a good fit for City, the concern I would have is how he would partner with Tevez. Assuming a 4-4-2 formation with Carlos Tevez as a one of the front pairing, with the style of play that Tevez offers in dropping deep and moving across the front line, would Roberto Mancini would be better served adding more of a pure goalscorer - someone who wouldn't necessarily occupy Tevez's territory (as we saw on occasion when he was paired with Emmanuel Adebayor)?

That said, if Mancini were to land him, it would be undoubtedly another quality addition to a burgeoning squad.