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Reports: Besiktas Robinho bid rejected

Both The Mail and ESPN reported yesterday that City had rejected a £16.7million bid from Besiktas for Robinho.

Robinho had (as anticipated) a good World Cup, perhaps sensing that it was an important chance for him to sufficiently impress to get a club to take a chance on him after his reputation dipped so quickly over the past season (certainly here in Europe).

If he was available for loan, then you imagine a number of sides would be interested (particularly if City were willing to share some of his wages) but I don't see a stampede of clubs forming a queue to sign him on a permanent basis - and certainly not to pay any more than around £20million.

The club therefore are going to have to eat a significant part of the £32.5million laid out for him less than two years ago. However, a saving of the approximate £150,000 a week wages would be welcome given the no doubt spiralling wage bill.