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Garrido moves to Lazio

As per the MEN and one of the last remaining signings from the Sven-Goran Eriksson era departs the club.

It was an anticipated move though and one that became a formality once the protracted signing of Aleksandar Koralov was completed. Given that Garrido moves to Lazio, the Koralov signing essentially becomes a cash plus player move - with ourselves no doubt seeing an increase to the wage bill.

Although Garrido appeared happy in his role as a squad player - never managing to really become firmly established in the side, the signing of Kolarov pushed him even further down the pecking order and he really did become expendable given other (more serviceable?) options available even after Kolarov and Wayne Bridge.

In that respect it is a good move for him, and whilst he goes to a side who have struggled on and off the pitch the past couple of seasons, Serie A is a league that should be a good fit for him.

Technically, Garrido is more than proficient, however he is exposed when facing genuine speed and the pace of the Premier League was clearly something that he struggled with - the 6-0 defeat to Chelsea was a game often used as a case in point.

But, moving to a league where he will have more time on the ball and face less pressure will allow his strengths to come to the fore and I'd expect him to make a success of the move.