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Milner move likely

It appears as though a move for James Milner may be imminent based on Martin O'Neill confirming that the Aston Villa midfielder wanted to leave the club, and would be allowed to do so if their valuation is met:

‘There is a question mark over James Milner,' said O'Neill. 'I had a conversation with James before the World Cup and he intimated that he would like to go at that time.

'Manchester City have made an offer for the player but certainly there is a difference in valuation.

‘But I’m sure things will get resolved. James is due back next week after an extended stay after the World Cup....and I imagine things will get resolved one way or the other in the very foreseeable future.’

Varying reports of between £25-30 million have been suggested, and you imagine this would be the region that would have to offered - although throwing in one (or more) of the likes of Richards/Onouha/Ireland should reduce that down to the £20-25 million mark.