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World Cup 2010 - de Jong suffers final defeat

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The first ever active City player tasted defeat in Sunday's final as Nigel de Jong's Netherlands side fell to a late goal in extra time by Andres Iniesta that saw Spain crowned as World Champions to add to their European title.

de Jong was involved in a controversial moment in the first half as a high, studs up challenge rattled the chest of Xabi Alonso saw him receive a yellow card, that could (should?) have receive stiffer punishment. It was a challenge that fitted the approach of the Dutch in the first half as they sought to (literally) knock Spain off their game.

This resulted in a first half that was largely forgettable apart from the flurry of cards from Howard Webb, who had little alternative and stewarded the game in exceptionally trying circumstances. Following the break, the game became a more intriguing, if not compelling, spectacle as both sides had opportunities to score - with Arjen Robben missing the most gilt-edged but extra-time always looked to be an inevitability.

Both de Jong and Mark Van Bommel, so dominant in the tournament, by and large restricted Spanish opportunities but with the variety and quality on offer - particularly after the introduction of Cesc Fabregas - it proved difficult to shackle Spain for the duration of the game.

After appearing in Spain's semi-final win, soon to be Blue David Silva was an unused substitute in the game.