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Petrov linked with Bolton

The MEN reports today that Bolton are interested in Martin Petrov once his contract at the club ends, with them being able to match any wage demands the Bulgarian has (with the lack of a transfer fee helping in this regard).

One thing that I overlooked (hat tip to TLDORC for bringing it to my attention) when the signing of Jerome Boateng was announced on Saturday was that he had been handed the number 17 shirt - previously the property of soon to be free agent Martin Petrov.

Whilst it was anticipated that the club would part ways with Petrov, this is the clearest signal yet that he has no part to play in the clubs future.

What could be interesting (and I agree with Jack here) is that initial fears that he could land with a Tottenham, Everton or Aston Villa - all feasible challengers for 2010/11 - a combination of his advancing years and injury history which has plagued his time at the club will count against him when teams are making a decision about him, leaving the opportunities he has available to him far more restricted than what may have initially been expected.