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Toure set for Premier League

According to reported target Yaya Toure's agent, the Barcelona midfielder is Premier League bound, after agreeing a deal that will be imminently revealed:

'If everything goes well, Yaya will go to England,' Seluk told Spanish radio station, Ona FM.

'But we can't talk about definite clubs. We already have a closed deal, and all will be resolved before the World Cup.'

It is definitely an intriguing development, but also a strange one given Seluk has indicated a deal is done yet the team has not been disclosed - not to mention his present club having not confirmed anything either.

From the speculation that has surrounded Toure so far, it would appear that it is a fight between ourselves, Chelsea and Arsenal. Whilst we don't have the lure of Champions League football or quite the appeal in terms of stature of either of our potential rivals, we would hold the edge in terms of finances both in terms of personal terms and transfer fee (although it is interesting to hear some reports of a more frugal approach being taken to transfer dealings). There is also the added pull of big brother Kolo in our ranks which may well swing the deal.

Personally, I am more Serie A than La Liga, but from limited action I have seen of Toure he is clearly a good player and the type of physical, dominant player most sides are looking for. Alongside Nigel de Jong - or even as part of a trio with Gareth Barry - it gives the midfield a very strong look indeed.

But, no doubt being a good player aside, whilst we may like him as a player, do we necessarily need him?

I've looked before at the problems we have in midfield in that in some big and important games we lacked a cutting edge, dynamism and creativity that may have made the difference. Whilst Toure would provide a certain type of presence, he wouldn't address that need and it is still vitally important that the void we have in midfield is also addressed.