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City land the statement signing

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Big story of the day is of course the announcement that David Silva will join City at the conclusion of Spain's participation in the World Cup.

No surprise with the move given the reports that surrounded Silva's future of late, but following England's exit from South Africa, the stories grew in number and lunchtime today brought the official confirmation.

Silva has signed a five year deal, with it being reported that the fee is in the region of £28 million and although we have become accustomed to big money deals it shouldn't be forgotten that it is a sizeable fee (and no doubt wage to match) that has been paid to acquire his services.

Silva has spoken positively of the move, saying:

"The time is right for me to seek a new challenge, and I am thrilled about playing in England with Manchester City. I believe the Premier League is one of the best competitions in the world and I want to bring success to City and win trophies for them."

"I want to say that I always hoped to come to Manchester City and I am exited about my future there. They are a club with a great future with fantastic players. I want to be an important player in Manchester City's history."

The likely assumption would see Silva line up on the left to force a dangerous looking tandem with Adam Johnson, but in possessing the flexibility that Roberto Mancini craves - and the other options out wide that the club has in the likes of Bellamy, Wright-Phillips and Weiss - could also see him play as an advanced midfielder or even a second striker.

I have long mused on the lack of creativity in the final stages of the 2009/10 season that cost us fourth position in the league, but Silva clearly addresses this judging by the stat that shows he created 60 chances from open play in La Liga last season - with only Ronaldo, Xavi and Kaka creating more.

There are the usual concerns that have been aired - too small, a frail figure that will not be able to cope with the rigours of the Premier League, but this post from TLDORC counters that tby suggesting he is a tough character with plenty of fight.

Perhaps of greater concern is the suggestion by some closer to the machinations of such a deal that 'non-footballing' issues may be a worry - and being the reason that Real Madrid cooled their interest (and went on to land one-time City target Angel di Maria).

Roberto Mancini however is clearly enthused at landing the Spaniard:

"I am so pleased he is coming to us, I think he can make a big, big impact for Manchester City. In signing David, we are showing the World that we are bringing the best players here and that we hope to compete to win the Premier League."

Make no mistake about it, the signing of Silva is a big deal.

Pursuits of Kaka, John Terry and Samuel Eto'o were an attempt to land a real impact signing, a name that does roll of the tongue in Beijing.

They of course proved fruitless, to the chargrin of Garry Cook and the joy of the City-bashers. And whilst players of the calibre of Adebayor and Tevez arrived, David Silva is a worldwide name, about to enter the prime of his career and is the signing that will make other player sit up and take notice. To choose to sign for City not merely for the money but the possibilities and potential on offer.

All eyes now turn to see who will arrive next.