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World Cup 2010 - Robinho helps spark Brazil victory

Robinho and Elano celebrate Brazil's second goal in their 2-1 victory over North Korea. (Picture from Getty images)
Robinho and Elano celebrate Brazil's second goal in their 2-1 victory over North Korea. (Picture from Getty images)

Whilst Brazil didn't quite hit the heights that people hoped to lift the World Cup from its sluggish start, their 2-1 victory over North Korea did at least provide an illustration of the talents of Robinho.

With Brazil struggling to break down a resilient and dogged North Korean defence, who were wholehearted in their approach, Robinho was often the focal point of the creative output for the Selecao, running with purpose and recycling possession in an attempt to spark the Brazilians into life.

It was a former Blue though, Elano, who helped break the deadlock as his ball found Maicon on the overlap and the full-back smashed the ball home. And it was Robinho who breached the defence once again with a sumptuous ball that split the back line and allowed former-Blue Elano to stroke home sweetly to seemingly put the game to bed.

It was interesting seeing Robinho play last night. It certainly wasn't a performance that was alien to anyone who has watched City play whilst he has been at the club, displaying the skill and vision that stands him out above the majority of the Premier League.

Also unsurprising was the level of his play, and I do think he knows that he needs a good World Cup to stoke interest in him once again to try and secure a move away from the club. I know there have been plenty of City fans wondering ‘what if?' this morning in the wake of his performance but I really don't think he himself wants a future at the club, and equally - like Mark Hughes before him - I don't believe Roberto Mancini sees Robinho as an integral part of his future plans. For all his wonderful talent and ability to rouse a crowd, the Premier League is a very rigid league and (rightly or wrongly) doesn't allow for the more maverick type of player who don't easily fit into positions or set structures.

Whilst he would be a huge loss should he depart, I do think that for all that his performances during the tournament will benefit Brazil, they will equally serve as a public audition for interested clubs who just might be willing to take a punt on him on the back of it.