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Wright-Phillips in, Johnson out

After much speculation, rumour and leaking the England World Cup squad was finally announced mid afternoon with it being confirmed that three City players - Joe Hart, Gareth Barry and Shaun Wright-Phillips had made the final cut.

This of course mean.ts that Adam Johnson, after making a late run at the squad, would miss out.

Hart of course was a certainty for inclusion, whilst Gareth Barry won his fitness battle to take his place on the plane and as news leaked of players who had/hadn't made it, it appeared that there was likely one remaining squad place with a choice between Wright-Phillips, Johnson and Theo Walcott.

Ultimately, Wright-Phillips got the nod, but this does seem to mainly be as a result of a lack of faith from Fabio Capelloo in either Johnson (deemed too inexperienced) or Walcott (who by all accounts flopped badly in the recent pair of friendlies) as Wright-Phillips has had a largely inconsistent season, and for the most part was left kicking his heels on the sidelines.

Despite suggestions in the media though, I did think Walcott would still be taken by Capello, mainly because of his pace, but having decided to not opt for Johnson, Wright-Phillips does offer more of an option than Walcott - who struggles to fit either as a striker or out and out winger - in terms of versatility on both wings.

Having three City players in a World Cup squad is a first, and there is a good chance that both Hart and Barry will see plenty of action whilst Wright-Phillips could make an impact from the bench, and with other squads having been named it is shaping up to be a tournament with plenty of representation from a City perspective.