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Vieira and Sylvinho set for new deals

According to the MEN who indicated that the veteran pair could be offered one year deals to keep them at the club for a further season:

But the added pressures of the Europa League may mean that Mancini prefers to indulge in some prudent pruning rather than a bout of wild lopping and hacking.

That will see Patrick Vieira offered a new one-year contract - and the Blues are also considering a 12-month extension for fellow veteran Sylvinho.

City will effectively need two teams next season, the core of one side required for the prime objective of scaling the Premier League heights, the other being charged with serving the club's apprenticeship in European football, as well as chasing the two domestic cups.

I've long thought that talk of a mass clear out was somewhat wide of the mark. Clearly both Jo and Robinho will be playing elsewhere in 2010/11 - even if it means biting the bullet and funded the bulk of a loan deal - and Javi Garrido and Martin Petrov look set to move on, but suggestions that the likes of Micah Richard, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Stephen Ireland will be sold .

Whilst our squad is of a size that can cope with a long season should deep runs in the cups and Europe be achieved, coping is one thing but having success is entirely different. Whilst Fulham have been (rightly) praised for their success in the Europa League it is easy to overlook their league position slipped from 7th to 12th in 2009/10. Anything other than a top four finish next season would be judged as failure.

Key players at the club will also be heavily involved in this summer's World Cup so are likely to hit 'the wall' at some stage next season, so it is imperative that there is quality competition in all areas. This means that although new arrivals are expected - with a deal for Jerome Boateng nearing completion - the predicted exodus of players will not materialise this off season.