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Fulop makes emergency switch

Confirmation from the official site:

Hungarian international Marton Fulop will train with City tomorrow after switching from Sunderland on an emergency loan.

Twenty-six-year-old 6’ 5” Fulop is no stranger to being in a club on a temporary basis after having stints at Chesterfield, Coventry and Sunderland whilst a Spurs player and then joining Leicester and Stoke from the Stadium of Light.

“The Club, with the backing of the Premier League, have been in contact throughout the day with both Birmingham City and Sunderland with regards to bringing either Joe Hart or Marton Fulop to the team on an emergency basis,” confirmed a Blues spokeswoman.

“Agreement has not been reached with Birmingham, but we anticipate that Marton Fulop will join us in training tomorrow and we thank him and Sunderland AFC for their help in this situation.”

The club were believed to have been in negotiations for most of the day in a bid to try and land either Fulop or cut a deal with Birmingham to see Joh Hart return to the club earlier than anticipated.

Although you imagine the move will benefit us (given that Gunnar Nielsen is an unknown quantity), I don't actually agree with siutations like this where clubs are granted dispensation to sign players outside of the transfer windows. If rules are put in place, why have the option to then circumvent them? Even stranger is the fact that it appears the Premier League vetoed the move for Hart because in effect, he was too good.

Fulop should be a serviceable stand in though, and although he has bounced around a few clubs he has made 43 appearances for Sunderland and did keep Craig Gordon on the sidelines for a spell earlier this season.