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Hart to return?

After establishing that Joe Hart could not be recalled from his loan spell, it appears the club are looking into ways of bringing the PFA goalkeeper of the year back to the club for the final three games of the season:

Manchester City will today ask the Premier League for special dispensation to bring Joe Hart back for the rest of the season.

FIFA and Premier League rules on temporary transfers would normally prevent the Blues from recalling Hart – who again starred for Birmingham against Aston Villa on Sunday.

They will make out a case that their situation is unprecedented but even if the league's board agrees, it would need a rubber-stamp from FIFA and the agreement of Birmingham and Hart himself to complete the recall.

The last paragraph does appear to make it a long shot indeed, and given the noises coming from the Birmingham camp over Hart's future would any agreement be subject to some bartering over Hart's playing destination for 2010/11.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the club have sought permission to sign a goalkeeper on an emergency basis, although there is no indication as to whether this will be with a view to starting or to back up Gunnar Nielsen.

UPDATE: The Guardian's Daniel Taylor suggests that the request is likely to be met sympathetically from the powers that be, and that Sunderland's Marton Fulop is the player the club want to bring in.

UPDATE: The BBC 'understands' that permission has been granted to sign a loan keeper.

UPDATE: Daniel Taylor confirmed on Twitter agreement is likely and further reports that Birmingham chairman Peter Pannu would be receptive to allowing Joe Hart to return to the club for the final three games of the season:

"We have a great relationship with City and I will consider it (the approach) favourably because Joe has done a great job."