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Season ticket changes announced

From the official site:

Manchester City today announces Seasoncard prices and policies for the 2010/11 season.

In line with the Club’s policy and aim to be both innovative and fair, we have implemented a groundbreaking new range of ticketing products.

Having listened to feedback from our fans, we can now offer a wider choice of Stadium experiences with prices and facilities to match.  Many changes will be made to certain areas of the concourses over this and subsequent summers, which will result in a range of products to suit each and every type of fan.

A brand new Value ticket will be introduced that will cost just £250, or just over £13 per game.  This represents a 32% reduction on our lowest priced adult Seasoncard. There is currently only one other Premier League club offering a cheaper product.

The £95 season card for under 16s remains for those sitting in the Family Stand.  This area of the North Stand will see significant improvements to facilities, with family orientated stewarding, tailored children’s entertainment and family friendly food and drink options.   

The average price increase for adults next season will be just over 5%, but fans in some seats will see a decrease in what they pay.  Many supporters, particularly in areas of high demand, will benefit from an enhanced matchday experience. 

The popular South Stand will be expanded, with improved food offering, multi-pour drink dispensers and entertainment and atmosphere suited to this singing section.

A “premium” product package, also a response to fans’ feedback, will follow next season.

The Club will be pleased to assist with fans wishing to relocate from their current seat to benefit from any of the new products on offer.

Chief Executive Officer Garry Cook said,

“Our fans are at the heart of our Club and our absolute priority is to deliver a premium matchday experience to them, wherever they sit in the ground.

I don't have a huge issue with the price rises given the levels have been static over the past few seasons (only one previous rise since moving to CoMS) and the general prices are amongst the lower end of the scale. It interesting though to see the club dip their toe further in the corporate side with the news that they will phase that in throughout Level 2 of the Colin Bell Stand following 2010/11.

The idea of the value season ticket is an intriguing one (especially at just £250) given that matchday prices are now generally £40 plus, but a lot will obviously depend on which seat you are allocated and I don't imagine many 'premium' seats will be available.

The contentious issue of course is the transition of the North Stand to the Family Stand, meaning that those unaccompanied by children will be relocated elsewhere - possibly to the expanded South Stand, but more likely to sections of the East or Colin Bell Stand - at additional cost of course.

The idea to encourage more under-16's obviously is designed to generate a future income stream down the years, but also the possiblility that in the immediate future it could ensure that there are guaranteed sell outs week on week if more season tickets can be sold.