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Has Petrov played his last game?

Martin Petrov in action. (Picture from getty images)
Martin Petrov in action. (Picture from getty images)

"My season is over," Petrov told Trud daily. "I wanted to play in several matches at the end of the championship but the doctors said I should take a rest for three more weeks.

"I'm very disappointed."


Unsurprising news really, and even if Petrov was given the all clear to resume it would be difficult to see Roberto Mancini throwing him back into the fray at this vital stage of the season.

Attention therefore turns to the summer, when of course he will be out of contract. Petrov is undeniably a huge talent, and a definite asset to a squad that requires depth, but if - and we really don't have anything concrete to suggest otherwise - Mancini is in charge beyond the end of 2009/10 it is certain he will be armed with a substantial transfer budget and will have definite targets in mind to improve on the incumbents he has at his disposal.

That could well leave Petrov out in the cold, particularly if there are concerns over his injury and fitness record.

Whilst seeing Petrov line up against for another Premier League side (and very attractive as a free agent) would be a worry and of course strengthen a rival, it does look increasingly likely that Petrov's time at the club is quickly coming to an end.