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A move into the MLS?

Chief executive Garry Cook has held preliminary talks with MLS commissioner Don Garber, who was attending this week's Soccerex convention in Manchester.

Garber is keen to get European clubs involved in the MLS, and recently held talks with Barcelona and Real Madrid about investing in one of their franchises as they seek to expand their league.

City, who have scrapped the idea of buying a franchise in Indian Premier League cricket, would have to stump up around £25m, and new teams are being formed in Philadelphia this year, and in Vancouver and Portland next year.


This is no great surprise given reports that the club is looking to expand globally both in football and beyond. Reports of purchasing an IPL cricket franchise were rumoured, but given their franchise values, £25 million appears a snip in comparison.

Garry Cook's links with America are well known of course, and the article references Portland in particular.

One to definitely keep an eye on I'd imagine.