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de Jong on the verge

Nigel de Jong is facing a similar sanction, having amassed nine bookings, although if he avoids further punishment in City's next two games he will escape a ban.


A similar situation to that of Pablo Zabaleta, who's booking at Wigan rules him out of the Burnley and Birmingham fixtures.

There has been the suggestion that de Jong could be rested for the Burnley and/or Birmingham games to protect him ahead of tougher tests, but with Vincent Kompany required (and performing well) in defence, the suspension of Zabaleta and less than stellar form of Patrick Vieira, it is difficult to see how de Jong steps aside without weakening the midfield area.

Equally difficult to see is that given his style of play, which at times can be on the reckless side, is de Jong necessarily escaping a booking over the next two games which would then rule him of two potentially tricky games.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Mancini did sit him for at least the second game though, but it could well be a case of sitting and hoping de Jong can somehow get through without picking up a caution.