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A contentious evening

One story leaked to Sportsmail last night was that Bellamy may have made audible comments in support of David Moyes in the wake of the touchline bust-up between the Everton manager and City boss Roberto Mancini towards the end of the Barclays Premier League match.

Wednesday certainly appears to have been a contentious evening, what with Mancini v Moyes (which has led to the Italian being charged by the FA earlier today) and also accusations flying around at Garry Cook, who it has to be said has held a fairly low profile of late.

The Cook accusations I'm not concerned with, because from the reports it appears the conduct of the Everton contingent left a lot to be desired, but the Bellamy issue is certainly one of interest.

Of course emotions would be running high at the end of a game where vital points have been dropped, but I'm sure that if true (and this is the key issue) it is remarkable for a player to publicly call his manager out in such a fashion - ie, the players tunnel assuming within earshot of both sets of players and officials.

Given what Mancini did was foolhardy at best, certainly when comparable to some of Bellamy's own previous antics so I do find it difficult to see quite what Bellamy was so perturbed about, and isn't seemingly a feeling replicated throughout the squad given the backing Mancini has received elsewhere from his players.