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Back into the Deloitte rich list

Manchester City are 19th in the football rich list that rates clubs on their revenue.

The Blues had a revenue of £87m for the 2008/2009 season according to a report from accountants Deloitte.

City's position in the list does not reflect their huge spending power afforded by the club's Abu Dhabi ownership.


Of course, the list only shows the total revenues generated (TV money, merchandising, match day etc) and not the wealth of the ownership or club debts otherwise it would have a very different look to it.

The revenues are to the end of the 2008/09 season so will not take into account the deals signed with Umbro and Etihad (or the secondary sponsorship agreements we now have in place), both an upgrade on the previous deals we had.

What is telling though is the continued dominance in the top ten of sides who are considered perennial Champions League sides who make the knockout stages. The extra revenues this brings in all aspects of generating revenue is immense and perhaps a timely reminder of exactly what is at stake for ADUG and the club as a whole as we chase qualification for the Champions League this season.