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Tottenham game gets rescheduled date

I did think that the game would get re-scheduled late in the season, and so it has.

It now becomes our final home game of the season on Wednesday 5th May and is potentially a huge game for both sides,  sandwiched between our final game of the season at West Ham, and after facing Aston Villa at home (which itself is immediately preceeded by games against Arsenal and United).

There will now be a huge emphasis on the pair of games against Villa and Tottenham given I expect all three sides (plus Liverpool) to still have an opportunity of taking fourth spot heading into the final few fixtures of this season.

The positive of course is that both will be at home, where our record has been hugely impressive over the past eighteen months. As it stands today, we control our own destiny in terms of finishing fourth given our points total and the game in hand in next week against Everton.

If, going into that final week of the season, we are in possession of fourth place, things will be looking very good indeed.