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An insight into Vincent Kompany

Hat tip to TLDORC for pointing in the direction of this interview with Vincent Kompany that I missed in The Times yesterday.

I know from previous interviews that he is an articulate and interesting character with plenty of opinions on a whole host of issues, and it is amazing to think he is still only twenty-three given what he has achieved thus far in both his career, and life. The interview covers a number of topics; from tactics, Mancini, the media focus on the club and player wages but the interesting paragraph I picked out though is this one:

The irony is that England’s most lavish buyers may have bought the bargain of recent years. Kompany looked good — sensible, mobile, competitive, technical — when used by Mark Hughes in central midfield. He looks world-beating, potentially, now Roberto Mancini has moved him to centre-half. “I’ve said I’m happiest in midfield but I’m just as good in both positions and wherever I play my objectives don’t change, I’ll try and be the best,”




His re-emergence into the side in forming a partnership at the back with Joleon Lescott has been one of the key features of the Mancini era so far - even if he did stumble upon it largely through circumstance, but it is worth considering that although we have made some big splashes in the transfer market (both in terms of 'name' and money spent), the integral parts of the side this season - those who have been most consistent - have largely been the more unheralded signings such as Given, Bellamy, de Jong and of course Kompany himself (who scooped the official player of the month award today).

Whilst it can be argued for ever and a day as to the merits of sacking Mark Hughes and whether he was the man to lead us to the next level, what cannot be disputed is that he added some vital pieces that will form an integral part of the squad for seasons to come.

Perhaps - and especially given the fee that was paid for him - none more so than Vincent Kompany.