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Bowen - Robinho 'not up to the challenge'

Some interesting comments (and in the wake of Robinho's critical barb) from Mark Hughes's former assistant Mark Bowen, who stated that Robinho was never up to the the challenge of competiting in the Premier League:

"He took a lot of stick, but he did massively underperform, especially away from home," said Bowen."I just thought that, physically, he wasn't really up to the challenges of the Premier League."

"There is no doubting that if and when he went to another league, or back to Brazil, it would be a different style of football and it would suit him better," said Bowen.

"We always felt he could possibly blossom and get used to the Premier League but he wasn't really up to the week in week out challenges."

Very interesting stuff, and I'm sure that the comments were put out into public without the prior knowledge of Hughes himself.

It does indicate that the coaching staff held similar views of Robinho to those many fans held, in that they saw the potential and player he could become in the Premier League, but over time it became apparant (much to their frustration) that it wasn't going to be the case.

I long held the belief that Robinho could be a force for us and be a dominant player in the Premier League. For a variety of factors it it almost certainly never going to be the case and we have surely now seen the last of him at the club.