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Bellamy bust-up reported

So reports the MEN, who also confirm the reports from this morning of some sort of disagreement between Bellamy and Roberto Mancini.

It is easy to jump to conclusions in situations such as this but rather than a flat denial Mancini has confirmed there were at least 'words' between the pair.

“These things (an argument) can happen in a job. I don’t have problems with Craig.

“I spoke with him in the office and read that I shouted at him. But I didn’t. We just spoke face-to-face.

The Sun has gone with typical gusto at the story:

A stunned insider said: "The manager was yelling 'Why are you always questioning me? Why won't you do as you are told? Why are you always questioning everything at training and in games?'.

Of course this is being portrayed as a growing frustration at the club over Mancini's training methods - and nicely links in with recent poor performances - but given the report states it was a one on one training session between Bellamy and the coaches it is a stretch to use this as evidence of widespread discord and disharmony in the camp.

With the litany of injuries Bellamy has suffered, it is understandable that he is very protective over the rehab work and training that he puts his knee under. Any issue is more likely to be him being cautious in this regard rather than him leading the angry mob in revolt against Mancini and his methods.