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Vieira charged

The FA has charged Manchester City midfielder Patrick Vieira with violent conduct.

The charge relates to an incident involving Stoke City player Glenn Whelan during the first half of the match at the Britannia Stadium on Tuesday, February 16.

Vieira has until 6pm on Thursday, February 18 to respond to the charge. A Regulatory Commission will hear the charge on Friday, February 19.


Looking at the incident last night I really don't see an appealing being forthcoming given the possibility of an added game if the appeal is deemed a 'frivolous one'. The replays do not make for good viewing and it is clear that it was a petulant kick out (something we have seen from Vieira in his Arsenal days) and deserved of a red card.

What I find hard to understand is that as Vieira has been charged, is the assumption therefore that Alan Wiley did not see the incident? If he did - and he spoke to both Vieira and Glen Whelan following it - then as it was not deemed worthy of either a yellow or red card then no further action can be taken, meaning it is a totally different scenario to the Robert Huth incident Tony Pulis equated it to.

If he didn't see it, then just what was the lengthy chat with both players for?