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Bellamy on 5 live

Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

I'm sure most caught the interview Craig Bellamy interview yesterday evening; as expected there were some frank and interesting comments made by him (who of course is still a City player).

A quick summary of more notable points is as follows:

  • Ahead of his exit from West Ham, Tottenham agreed a fee for him, but City were then alerted to his availability, and after matching the same asking price an auction was conducted by West Ham to obtain as high a price as possible.
  • On the subject of his training plan, Bellamy confirmed he had a specially tailored individual plan put in place by Raymond Verheijen (who is causing a little bit of a stir on Twitter). Bellamy claims this left him the fittest he has been, also confirming that he pays for Verheijen personally since moving to Cardiff. He also said he received assurances from Garry Cook that the change in manager (following Hughes's sacking) would not change this, which proved not to be the case.
  • During the summer, Bellamy stated he was offered to Wolfsburg (which we know of) as part of a deal to bring Edin Dzeko to the club. Perhaps the Dezko deal was contingent on Bellamy's heading to the Bundesliga?
  • Bellamy stated he joined Cardiff as there were no options of Champions League football available to him; specifically that there was a move to Tottenham that was blocked from 'above Garry Cook', and that Cook told him that he had never fielded as many offers for a player as he did for him at that time.
  • Bellamy did also hint that United may have been one of these clubs, and it was certainly a teaser heading into the interview but it was not a convincing point and was one of the areas that Bellamy did actually talk around rather than address directly.
  • If you did miss the interview you can catch it again here.