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Cook: 'Critics only have their own perspective'

Following on from David Conn's interview with Brian Marwood from The Guardian last Saturday, there was a feature a day or so ago that saw him interview Garry Cook.

Whereas the piece with Marwood focussed on the develop to the off-field infrastrure, although this piece focussed mainly on the finances, there was plenty in there about the clubs off-field financial commitments which in the main have gone unheralded in the consciousness of most people:

'Critics only have their own perspective," Cook argues. "They're not at the football club, they haven't been part of the planning or the long-term financial strategies. People think we choose players from the fantasy football league but there was a clear plan for who Roberto wanted to sign.

"When people see the good things we are actually doing, they seem to be enlightened."

In Monday's Guardian City were again profiled with The Digger column looking again into the viability of the club complying with UEFA's forthcoming regulations and in Conn's piece, Cook was also questioned about this area:

"Our two-year plan was to take a budget and build a competency to compete at the highest level, not forgetting the need for succession planning in every position. We are pleased with how that worked and will not be signing players to the same level of intensity in the next transfer windows.

"Financial fair play is on our conscience, we talk about it at every board meeting and it's part of our long-term plan."

Clearly, as the UEFA regulations draw closer there is going to be more and more focus on City - specifically the issue of complying with the criteria laid out; even moreso depending on transfer activity in January and the summer of 2011.

Both are interesting articles and worth checking out.