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Marwood: 'We are slowly but surely building a club with people in the right areas'

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There is an interesting piece in todays Telegraph, an interview with Brian Marwood who talks about the changes off the field that the club are seeking to make; ranging from the changes in player acquisition (specifically information obtained on players), the structure of the managerial set-up and the future role of the Academy.

He also touches a couple of times on the mentality of many players in this country: 

"One of the things I love about Patrick is that he wants to mentor young players. We've seen a difference in how Micah is since Patrick came in. We're changing the mentality of the club. We are trying to make Carrington more professional with the way Roberto wants them focused and working hard.

"Some players have bought into it quicker than others. Some things caused a massive stir, headlines news on TV: 'Shock horror - footballer trains twice a day'! Players need to wake up. They have to eat, sleep and drink football. Roberto's not going to get over his ideas if you are sat in your front room.''

It certainly highlights just how much work and progress has been made off the field to advance the clubs position both in the short and long term, and indeed, how much is still to be made.

Definitely worth a read.