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Vieira ready to go

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It appears as though Patrick Vieira is finally ready to make his debut for the club:

"It has been a frustrating spell with the injury. Thank God it is over and I am ready to start, " he said. I suffered it in the last game for Inter and did not realise it was that bad. City have been right behind me and I have to thank them for that.

"I am looking forward to playing in the Premier League again and getting a run of games. When I was in Italy I followed the matches. They have been exciting and I really believe it is one of the best in the world."

"I have found a team that matches my expectations. I think the future for this club is fantastic. There are a lot of winners and great players in the dressing room"

How Vieira fares is going to be an interesting aspect to watch over the course of the remainder of the season.

Whilst we are well stocked in midfield there is a definite need for the type of player Vieira can be - or at least the player Vieira was. There has been plenty of discussion over the number of games both Gareth Barry and Nigel de Jong have played so far and Barry in particular could benefit from a spell on the sidelines to re-charge.

The question will be though is which Vieira we will see. The dominant force at Arsenal? The one who laboured through his time at Juventus or the player who carved out a new role at Inter? Ideally, the Vieira we need will prove a perfect ally alongside Nigel de Jong but also able to contribute and dominate in an attacking sense.

It is a lot to ask of course and there is no telling how Vieira will fare on his return, with his thirty-something legs a long way removed from last playing in the Premier League.

But if the move is a success, the addition of Vieira could well be a difference maker come the end of the season.