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Player reaction to the win, and looking ahead to the second leg

Plenty of positive vibes in the aftermath of yesterday's victory:

Firstly Shaun Wright-Phillips:

"Carlos Tevez was fantastic again for us, he has been unbelieveable all season. His energy is superb but everyone played their part in what was a memorable win and that’s a few we have had over United in recent seasons.

"We know that the job is only half done but we know too that we will get all the backing we need next week. If there are only a thousand of our fans there they will make themselves heard so goodness knows what it will be like with 10,000! But we have to make sure we give them something to sing and shout about."

Gareth Barry:

"We knew, as individuals, we were all going to have to dig deep. Shay has performed well as well so we're delighted with the tie.

"It's still in the balance, it's half-time obviously, and we expect a tough game at Old Trafford. They're going to push on and give all they can, and we're going to expect a battle again."

On the derby atmosphere, Barry added: "It's my first one here and the noise was tremendous at times and hopefully we can give them something to shout about in the second game."

Vincent Kompany:

"I’m not too bad with my feet!" he laughed. "It was good to set up a goal, but if it was anyone I’m very glad that it was Carlos who scored it. It gives us the opportunity for the second leg to go to Old Trafford with a good result behind us. I don’t think we are the kind of team to give away a lot so it’s going to be interesting!

"Carlos’ footballing quality is there for everyone to see but his mentality on the pitch is amazing, as good as you could wish for from a team mate. That makes more of a difference than him being a terrific player, it’s the fact that he belongs to that family and he feels he’s part of it. We’re all happy for him that he is doing so well."

And finally, Pablo Zabaleta:

"We know that it will be difficult at United, but we have a chance. Old Trafford is a great stadium, and there will be a lot of pressure on us, but we have players with strong character.

"We needed to give our fans a great game. I think everyone is happy. Beating United in the derby is real satisfaction, but the tie isn't over. We need to play 90 minutes more to get to the final."

The immediate aftermath of the game has seen many of the blogs and forums still cautious and guarded about our chances of progressing through to the Wembley.

I must say though that I am feeling confident at this point in time. That may ebb away the nearer we get to next Wednesday but I do believe that we will get through to the final.

As I wrote post-match, a one goal lead is a slender one, but it is a significant one. Roberto Mancini has shown enough tactical acumen thus far to instill belief in me that we are capable of executing a game plan that can not only frustrate United, but also get the better of them on the night.

Time will tell of course, but last night we really did take a huge stride forward.