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Bid for Moses next?

Hot on the heels of the Patrick Vieira signing, The Guardian reports that a bid for Crystal Palace forward Victor Moses is next:

City have identified Moses as a possible star of the future and hope to capitalise on Palace's financial problems by agreeing terms to make the 19-year-old the seventh striker on the club's books.

Brian Marwood, City's football administrator, has already spoken extensively to Palace but made it clear to the Championship club that his employers would not be persuaded to spend in excess of the player's true worth just because of the immense wealth afforded to them by their owner in Abu Dhabi.

As I posted previously when Moses name first surfaced, I don't see this as an obvious fit. As well as adding the likes of Vieira; the 'win now' type of players, the club has added youngsters from across Europe over the past eighteen months.

Yet these have often been genuine 'ones for the future', and although Moses is only 19 years old, he doesn't appear to be the type of player to bring through the ranks to be ready in 3-5 years time. In addition, there isn't a glaring need in attack for him, and he certainly isn't going to beat out any of the current incumbents for a starting role.

I may ultimately be proved wrong, but it does strike as a strange target for us to pursue.