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Benjani eyeing new deal

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Surprise starter (and with a hat-trick of assists under his belt) Benjani has spoken of his hope that his recent appearances may translate into a new deal come the end of the season:
"I’m very happy because I’ve started two games in a row and it’s been a long time since that happened.

"As a player you have to keep on believing, even if you know the chances of playing regularly are slim.

"You have to be very professional, do everything right and work very hard and now I’m glad I’m getting my chance.

"I’ve always wanted to see out my career at City. I have six months left on my current deal and it would be nice if I could get another year or so."

Whilst Benjani has fulfilled a need under the formation Mancini has put out the past couple of games, there is surely no way he is part of any long term future or plan that Mancini is putting together.

What his return to the side may do though is just increase the number of clubs interested in picking him up at the end of the season.