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Mancini unveiled

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"My squad usually play to win, always. My target is to arrive in the top four - but it's my objective, my target. I think it's possible.

"Next year we want to win the Premier League. City is a big club. I want to stay here for many, many years and I want to contribute to winning many trophies because City has great supporters and I hope we do a good job for them.

"My job is to work hard every day to improve the play, to improve the victories. This is all. I think I can do a good job because we have good players."

"I am proud to get the job because City is a good club with good players. Manchester is similar to Milan in its football passion.

"In Milan there are two big teams there fighting for supremacy and silverware and here it is the same. I like the challenge of that."

>>Roberto Mancini.

The press conference also had the statement from Garry Cook (who according to Henry Winter was very rattled throughout) in which he attempted to temper the criticism that has been levelled at the club.

The official site is also carrying an interview with Mancini himself.