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City 2 Stoke 0

With the decision to sack Hughes, it was a clear signal that with patience and the more longer term planning being shelved, and that results and returns have become ever more important.

With that in mind, it was important then for Roberto Mancini to open his tenure with a victory, and whilst Stoke at home was an expected three points (even prior to the managerial change), there was plenty about the win to be satisfied about.

Although Mancini only had a few days to work with the side (with a flurry of injuries to contend with) and prepare them for the game (and also for a very congested ten day period), there was enough in the performance to suggest he was able to make some adjustments to the side both in personnel and approach to the game. Particularly notable was a far better performance in terms of maintaining possession and not solely relying on the pace in attack.

He also was not afraid to make quick tactical changes during the game when required and after recent games where we have struggled to hold one or two goal leads, it was pleasing to see a 2-0 half-time lead maintained and, in truth, comfortably so. Perhaps this will be an aspect of having a coach - although one known for attacking - who is steeped in the Italian game.

Although you cannot read anything too meaningful into one game, getting that first victory under his belt cannot be underestimated and there was enough on the evidence of the ninety minutes to be positive about.

The Stoke game kicked off an important ten day period where, realistically, four victories are required. Job done in the the opening game, and with the momentum from yesterday, another victory will be expected tomorrow at Wolves.