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Bridge on Hansen comments

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"Alan Hansen said a few things and Mark Hughes said a few things back, but I don't like to think about it too much.

"It's going to hurt or bother anyone, but I didn't need to watch Match of the Day to realise I had played badly and been out of position.

"He (Hansen) said a few things, but I'm not going to cry about it. Instead, I've just come into training and trained hard.

"I felt I did OK in the games after that and, since then, I feel I've done well defensively and attacked as much as I could, although I can still do better."

>>Wayne Bridge.

I agree with Jack over at TLDORC in that the Burnley performance distracted from what has been a solid season for Bridge so far.

Yes, his one-footedness isn't always appealing but there is no doubting that he looks to be far stronger positionally during this season than during 2008/09 and his ability to bring the ball forward and support the more attacking elements of the squad has been a feature of our play so far.

With Bridge likely out for a month - whilst we have replacements ready to step in - his absence from the side could well highlight his importance to the side.