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Toure on Toure

Some interesting comments, albeit not from the rumoured target himself:
Asked if he would like to see City buy his brother, Kolo said: "I hope so. He is a good player, and if he could come to our team that would be great."

And he feels Yaya would jump at the chance to come to England: "He has had a few hard times in Barcelona. He doesn't play a lot, and he loves football and loves to play.

"If he can come, especially to a club in England, he would be really happy because the Premier League is a fantastic place to play football."
Signing any player is difficult enough in the January window, even moreso when it is a player from a team aiming for league and European success so this may be nothing more than (Kolo) Toure responding to a loaded question, as opposed to a story with any great substance.

What it could do however is perhaps show just how interested Barcelona are in Robinho should we ask for Yaya Toure (plus cash) in return.