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Robinho rules himself out

Following the story blowing up this morning, a potential problem has been averted with Robinho ruling himself out of this weekends friendly with England:
"I really don't want to be in the middle of a row between City and Brazil," he said the £32.5m signing from Real Madrid. "But my obligation is to be here and that is supported by Fifa. I came here to look after myself [medically]. I'm just trying to focus on playing again."Asked whether he thought he would be fit for this evening's game against England, he replied: "Not yet. Maybe I will be for the next game [in Oman]."
Brazil coach Dunga is none too pleased with us though, irked at how he has perceived we have handled the whole issue:
"We are the five-time World Cup champions," said Dunga. "They can't just expect to come to our hotel and take him away again. This idea, of sending the guy here and then taking him away, was never going to happen. There is a hierarchy here that has to be respected. We are going to send him back to Manchester City in the right condition to play."
You know, I'm pleased it was Robinho who has made the decision to hold himself out of the game tomorrow, rather than it developing into an issue which escalated into something that could have long term ramifications.

Perhaps if he does play next week, a light run out in a friendly against Oman could be an effective part of his recovery.