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More Robinho rumour

Fresh after posting this came another report regarding Robinho surfaced, again in The Guardian, and it is fairly conclusive in its tone:
Manchester City's attempts to placate Robinho and keep the most expensive footballer in England happy have failed, with the Brazilian desperate to leave in the January transfer window. City are aware of his position and, despite strong denials on their mid-season training camp here in the United Arab Emirates, they have reluctantly accepted that the player whose £32.5m transfer was supposed to symbolise the club's ambitions wants no further part in the revolution.
This is of goes completely against the very firm stance that both Garry Cook and Mark Hughes took yesterday, but the report states the club have 'privately' conceded that Robinho wants away:
The question now seems to be when, rather than if, Robinho leaves. Hughes is keen not to lose such a talented player in the middle of the season but, if the Brazilian has his way, he will move at the earliest opportunity.
Without a finger on the pulse (or a very reliable source at least) it is impossible to know precisely what the situation is with Robinho. My personal view is that he stays - until the end of the summer at least, as I don't see the benefit to be gained by short-term loan deal.

We have seen a drip feed of innuendo from sources over the past few months purpoting to be what Robinho is thinking, yet nothing has come directly from the player himself which given his history at Real whereby he was extremely vocal in his desire to force a move possibly suggests that he is content at the club.

This is clearly going to drag on and on - as a disatisfied Robinho makes for good copy of course - and the imminent opening of the transfer window is not likely to dampen speculation much.

The hope then is that it does not cause the distraction it has the potential to - which is an added reason to put recent results to one side and get back to winning ways.