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Hughes on the Burnley point

Some common themes developing in the post-match interview - concentration and the lack of ability to close games out in particular:
"First half we never really imposed ourselves as I know we can and conceded two poor goals. But then we picked ourselves up and showed some of the qualities I expected from the start.

"For the vast majority of the second half I thought we were excellent. It was a huge effort on our part, but then we shot ourselves in the foot again and switched off.

"At the moment we are struggling to to take the sting out of things. You have to give the opposition no encouragement - you have to see them off, discourage them. You have to make them think there is nothing for them.

"Defending is a collective duty. We have to stop things at source before they develop. Maybe we have to work exceptionally hard to stop balls coming in to their front men. That's a part of our game we are not doing very well at."