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Hughes lambasts MOTD

I wrote previouslythat he had been protective of the defence in recent times, but Mark Hughes went on the offensive today with MOTD - and particularly Alan Hansen - in his sights:
"Pundits on Match of the Day or whatever just have an opportunity to nail individuals in the public domain," said the Manchester City boss.

"But we are not going to do. We look to analyse our mistakes and make sure, in future, we are better in similar situations. I am sure that their process involves looking at incidents in games, but not taking it as a whole.

"That is the role in life that they have decided to follow and that is the way it has to be. But there is a frustration when they don't go into particularly in-depth analysis.

"I would question how many games they actually watch live, from the start to the conclusion of games."
There are a couple of points regarding this, namely that Hansen was right to be critical on what was a poor performance yet Hughes raises an interesting point in questioning how much of a game pundits on the whole actually see, yet readily form opinions on their performance and form.

Saturday aside, Bridge has performed well this season for me - a definite upgrade on Javier Garrido, but what is important here is the very public defence of him (and the defence as a whole) and it is has been a consistent theme in Hughes developing an almost siege-type mentality within the squad, something that we have seen elsewhere used to great success over the years.