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Bellamy concern over career

"I know there are not four or five years ahead of me, not with the injuries I've had," revealed Bellamy. "Maybe I've got one or two years at the most. It will be all over before I know it, so I'm just enjoying it."

>>Craig Bellamy

I remember when he signed for us, Bellamy spoke of it being a 'last chance' of sorts for him which could well explain the attitude and form he has shown since arriving. Whatever the reputation that preceeded him, he was renowned for someone who is very demanding of his fellow team mates and that has carried over to his time with us so far.

I don't think Bellamy will know an exact timescale of his remaining career, yet as he says his history does not suggest a career into his late thirties. That said though, motivation has never appeared to be an issue with him and I'm sure that whatever steps are required will be taken in order to prolong his career as long as physically possible.