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Robinho setback

From harbouring hopes of a return next week against Scunthorpe, it seems that Robinho is instead set for another couple of weeks on the sidelines:

"He's had a little bit of a setback, and the likelihood is it will be another 10 to 14 days," confirmed Hughes.
"The area where the stress fracture is hasn't healed as quickly as we anticipated.

"He could probably join in with the group, but the fear would be if he got a direct bang on that area there's a chance he may re-break the leg.

"So we don't pitch him into those circumstances, and it would be crazy to, so we're going to err on the side of safety.

"We've options, so can cope and give Robi the time he needs. It's important we don't put him at risk."
Perhaps it will at least delay some of the undoubted media controversy his return is expected to create for a little longer.