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No Robinho move says Balague

Hot on the heels of more Robinho exit rumours comes Guillem Balague's considered view:
The Premier league club have no intention of selling their star player and Barcelona do not have sufficient funds to even consider making a large enough bid that might give City reason to reconsider. Furthermore, the Spanish champions are taking the prospect of Mark Hughes` club becoming a major European player seriously - and are eager to treat City with respect - which is why they have not even considered approaching them over a loan move for a player whom they know City have no desire to sell.

Mark Hughes considers Robinho a key player in his plans to progress the club to the next level and City have no intention of letting him go. However, the City boss faces having his man management skills tested to the full as Robinho is excited by the idea of a move to the Camp Nou and has already discussed the prospect with a Barcelona player.
I posted last week about how important it is to keep Robinho, and what an asset he can be to the side this season.

A lot of people are fixated on the idea that because of the form of Bellamy and Petrov then he will be kicking his heels third in line, yet this ignores the versatility he offers and I think Hughes sees him being able to perform a role in the side right across the front line.

There is also no real need to sell Robinho, and the only circumstances that would see him leave is for an ugly and protracted exit, something I don't see either Robinho or Barcelona keen on forcing.

I still maintain that Robinho goes nowhere in January, and becomes a big part of the side over the remainder of the season.