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Hughes positive over Robinho

In his press conference today, Mark Hughes dismissed rumours linking Robinho with a move away from the club and predicted good things ahead this season - and echoes what I wrote earlier today:
"There's always speculation and noise surrounding Robi. Read the interview and the vast majority of his comments are positive ones about Man City and what's happening here.

"He made a real impact last season and scored goals for us under difficult circumstances when the team was not playing consistently well. He was one of the few shining lights last year.

"He's not been able to do it in recent weeks but that's the only frustration we have sensed here. That will hopefully be resolved in the next seven to ten days and he's back playing."

"We're not in the process of taking outstanding players out of the team. We want to bring in outstanding players to complement the outstanding ones we already have. We don't want to move Robi or anybody else out of the squad. We're looking to build, we're not looking to dismantle."