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Hughes on the 'Man City way'

One of the common themes from press conferences and interviews with Mark Hughes this season has been his satisfaction with the current make up of the squad. This time he is praising the application and attitude to the training sessions:
City's boss also admitted that not every player in the squad he inherited last year was able to rise to the challenge of his demanding regime - but there is no dissent in the camp today.

He said: "Some players found it more difficult to embrace what needed to be done. You give them opportunities but if they can't or won't step up to the plate, there's no point them being here.

"We've bought players who see what's in place, what we do in preparation and recovery, and they accept that as the norm. They embrace it without question. They just see it as the Man City way."
Whilst Hughes wouldn't be averse to adding a player or two in January if he felt they would really benefit the side, he has again reiterated that the influx of players we saw in the summer (or even last January) will not be repeated (something that JPB has a good post on).

It is also an important point that Hughes makes to suggest that all members of the squad are on the same page and buying into what he is preaching - a suggestion that was doubted by the media following the summer acquisitions. This togetherness I'm sure has been built on by Hughes following the derby and the fall-out from the Adebayor incident, and is something that should stand us in good stead over the tough months that are now on the horizon.