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Fulham thoughts

A common theme I have posted about this season is expectation - where victories become a formality. This is what can ultimately separate teams who do, and don't make it to the top four.

Whilst the media focus on defeats (as we have seen with Liverpool recently), too many draws can be equally damaging in terms of ambition. Today's result is of course three draws on the spin now, and whilst a point at Villa Park could be seen as a credible return the results against Wigan and at home to Fulham are undoubtedly points dropped.

Prior to today, we had not dropped any points having led in a game so to let a 2-0 lead slip (and so soon after going ahead) at home is disappointing and a missed opportunity, particularly given results elsewhere over the weekend when a top four spot was up for grabs.

Of most concern is the goals we are leaking. We started off the season looking secure at the back, but it is now six league games (plus one in the Carling Cup) since we shut a side out. The past three games (taking three points from nine) shows the value of this is, and how costly it can be if you don't get it right.

It goes without saying that unless we can remedy this aspect of our game, the heights of our ambition this season will be severely checked.